The “eSensuals” 12-song album from Fans of Jimmy Century is alive featuring singles released in 2018 plus 3 unreleased bonus tracks.

Originally from Oakland CA, Las Vegas-based Fans of Jimmy Century is an original indiewave, modwave, neo noir duo with trip hop influences and led by vocalist/songwriter/voice actor Alicia Perrone and bassist/songwriter/producer/video director Victor James. FOJC is inspired by both genre-bending and creating alter egos to match their songs’ vibes and videos, releasing an eclectic and strange range of singles in 2018 & 2017, most evident in “Buddha and Johnny Make An Action Movie,” aka the 70s-inspired Prank music video spoofing buddy films for FOJC’s rockrap electropunk iTunes-charting single “Best of My Generation (Johnny Rotten).” This left-of-field genre bounce was a far cry from the previous single, the wickedly kitsch & vampy villainous swing, Tim Burton-esque “All My Friends Are Ice Queens,” and really showed off their range.

They remained indie until 2013 when they signed to a 2-single deal with Bungalo/Universal Music Group. Their debut song for the label “Va Va Voom to the Moon,” received consistent airplay on Vegas’ commercial station Mix 94.1. They left the deal and continued to self-release in 2015. Soon after their song, “Delicate Fever,” was featured in the Warner Bros. film “Get Hard“ with Kevin Hart & Will Ferrell. Sync placements include Gossip Girl, Forever 21, Finding Nemo 3D, E News Live, Hall Pass, Bad Teacher, Ray Donovan, Law and Order: SVU, Betsey Johnson XO, Melrose Place, Housewives of NYC and more. “Hot Sahara,” their most popular sync song to date was best known for its prime time feature on Showtime’s The L Word during the infamous threesome scene, aka the “Hot Sahara” scene.

In addition to their own releases, Fans of Jimmy Century will collaborate with producer Chris Moon (best known for discovering Prince) on a special project in 2019.

FOJC also produces a popular residency show aka mini-festival at The Copa Room on the Las Vegas strip southside called “Fatale Originale,” which features them alongside many talented friends and special guests.


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