Cat mask


i think that maybe, just maybe, one of my 9 lives was spent in the witness protection program.  hats.  hoods.  sunglasses.  cat masks.  mammoth gargantuan heads.  seems i’m hiding from someone or something.  just don’t know who or what.  i welcome any amateur analyses of my current psychotically breaking psyche :). *on a side note, […]

Video Viewing Party for Va Va Voom to the Moon 11/21

while we’re waiting for Universal to give us an official video release date on Vevo for Va Va Voom to the Moon, we thought we’d sneak in a little viewing party on Thurs Nov 21st at our Vegas mid mod pad. we’ll throw together a private invite soon w/ location & details…  so, these alleycats […]

We make sense after midnight…

i like when we all prowl around after midnight on Facebook, etc.   it’s like we share one big secret.  & after midnight we let all these cats out of their bags cuz they’ve been scratching to get out for so long & then all hell breaks loose under that moon like it should.  we’re all […]