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ThxXx to our YouTube rocket stars for 1200 streams in the first 12 hours >>> crash that landing! www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ht0-xv2RWyA Alicia Victor ...
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Rocket Star is headed for earth from outta space...just after midnight...a safe landing would be boring. Crash helmets engaged!Fans of Jimmy Century Alicia Perrone Victor JamesMixed by Luca PretolesiAWAL Sony Music Entertainment ...
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Rocket Star touches down July 30th! Preorder now to shift into the outer limits 🙂 ...
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It's release week! It's been quite a month of celebrating what matters most. Victor and I celebrated a big anniversary in Key West (we'll leave it up to your imaginations and mathematical calculations as to which one it was haha) and we also celebrated the life of the most incredible woman I'll ever know and love in any lifetime to come, my Mom, Mary. It feels very cathartic to close out this month with our song Rocket Star coming out on July 30th. Endless gratitude going out to all of you family and friends for lifting us up these past few months. Hope the song will do the very same for you, right up into the outer limits! Alicia ...
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