I need a vacation, don’t you?

I need a vacation, don’t you?


How’s it going?  If you’re feeling like me, you just went through a dark period & are now diving into Spring with both feet.  Thank goodness the fever has hit.  Spring is the jolt we need.  February was a jam-packed month for Fans of Jimmy Century, going to LA, hitting up all the Grammy events.  When we got back to Vegas we had more red carpet events to attend, but then that emptiness hit me like a tank and you know it’s time to go underground & create new content, get inspired, feel the chills, and do everything you fear.  What better time to kick fear in the face, then when you’re feeling dark & ornery anyway – use that darkness to battle it out with someone close, near to your heart, & in your face — that someone is FEAR.

March was a bust for me.  I got sick with that crazy virus going around and literally couldn’t get outta bed for 3 weeks.  But when I finally got better at the beginning of April, my whole outlook had changed.  That hopeless mild depression you feel when you’re sick morphed into unstoppable energy and production and realizing that obviously Spring is the time to keep your momentum going – you better work it, get your day organized & feed everything you want consistently on a daily basis.

Plus I felt like I wanted to share everything again.  When you go dark, you go private and you live in your head and it’s lonely.    So get outta your head.  I think you need a damn vacation.  When I was sick I was looking for “anywhere” I could go.  Spring offers awesome deals on vacations right now.  One of the best I found if you live on the west coast is a cruise up the coast to Vancouver, BC.  Seriously for 3-4 days it’s only a couple hundred bucks or so.  Hang on, lemme go find the link for you….dammit, can’t find it for some reason — just search for last minute cruises, etc, inside cabins under $200 are all over the place.   If you have trouble finding them, get in touch with me.  Also search Spirit Airlines, I think you have to be a member but it’s only like $40 per year and then you get these amazing rates — as low as $19/one way in some cases.  Just book it, book whatever, just get outta town.  It’ll put the bounce back in your step.  And of course, our town of Las Vegas always has the best deals.  This is the time to fly, cruise, and not second guess yourself.  Don’t be afraid of spending the money.  You gotta spend. By spending, the universe knows that you realize the pot will always fill back up again.  So don’t be tight with your money.  And if you can’t get away just yet, surround yourself in your home with things that make you “feel” like you’re on vacation.  I’ve got palm trees everywhere.  Brazilian music plays throughout my house.  Anything to get me in that mood of living in paradise.

Here’s the quote that changed my outlook once I felt like myself again:


There it is in black and white times new roman text.  Staring you in the face.  That one really hits you in the gut.  I’m serious, I really want you to feel as good as I do right now.  Because we’re all connected, our feelings affect each other.  Let’s lift off into the stratosphere.  This is no time to keep your feet on the ground.

And get that tormented look off your face…you know like the tormented look I have in the picture below.  I tend to like that tormented artist vibe, gets me in the mood to write lyrics, but don’t get too caught up in it.  You gotta come up for air with a smile on your face just to keep the balance.  You can be Madame X, but throw in a non-judgmental frolicking palm tree for good measure.







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