We make sense after midnight…

i like when we all prowl around after midnight on Facebook, etc.   it’s like we share one big secret.  & after midnight we let all these cats out of their bags cuz they’ve been scratching to get out for so long & then all hell breaks loose under that moon like it should.  we’re all in masks & hoodies & smoking.  fellini’s there too w/ bloodshot eyes. detachment and attachment, back and forth between them. asleep and awake, back and forth between them. you’re always there with me in the in-between & it’s brutal and it’s genuine and it’s uncomfortable in the best possible way and it keeps us awake, cuz sewn into what you think is the ending there were so many strange & powerful new beginnings that now exist only in the in-between where we connect. & us belonging to each other definitely makes sense after midnight.  FOJC on Facebook

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