Modern Inferno – Personally Signed to You!

Modern Inferno – Personally Signed to You!


Autographed Hard Copy CD

Fans of Jimmy Century’s

“Modern Inferno”

*Signed to You*

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Modern Inferno

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  1. Wax Ecstatic
  2. Strange and Beautiful
  3. Ring
  4. French Connection
  5. Evil Twin Sister (Blame Madonna)
  6. Mr. Las Vegas
  7. Casbah Queen
  8. Like Romeo and Juliet

Plus 7 Bonus Songs

  1. All My Friends Are Ice Queens
  2. Best of my Generation
  3. Noirstar
  4. Rocket Star
  5. The Last Summer of Mad Whips
  6. Ghosts of Paradise (Vic James Remix)
  7. Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go vs Love TKO

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