Wild At Heart 2016 Song Trailer – Fans of Jimmy Century New Music Video Mini-Film Coming Soon

Become our Patron of the Arts at: ————————————— Filmed & Edited by: at #LacyLane Fans of Jimmy Century: Patron of the Arts at: EuroTrash Collective @Fansofjimmycentury @eurotrash collective ————————————— “Wild At Heart” from FansofJimmyCentury coming soooo soon – see & hear it first on Patreon. Dedicated to […]

Online Documentaries – A Behind the Scenes look at the making of singles “Blackout” & “Lips On Mine”

An Online Documentary – A Behind the scenes look at the making of Fans of Jimmy Century new twin song releases “Blackout” and “Lips on Mine”. Like a Short Film but better ūüôā ? in-Home Studio only on FOJCtv Come hang with us on our FB pages and let us know what you think: […]