Get Hard best Will Ferrell movies with music by Fans of Jimmy Century

Fans of Jimmy Century song “Delicate Fever” is featured in Get Hard from Warner Bros. starring Will Ferrell, Kevin Hart, and T.I. The movie comes out March 27th. Google to grab passes for an advanced screening in Las Vegas on March 24th. Passes are limited. Grab the song “Delicate Fever” off soundcloud for free – […]

The Making of Glory Box Video – Portishead Cover on Green Screen Adobe After Effects CC

This is the making of our Glory Box Video – Portishead Cover – Using a green screen Cyc wall in our studio and using Adobe After Effects CC along with Adobe Premiere Pro to edit. Done in a Film Noir style. These are all outtakes. I wanted to show you the process. I would like […]

Online Documentaries – A Behind the Scenes look at the making of singles “Blackout” & “Lips On Mine”

An Online Documentary – A Behind the scenes look at the making of Fans of Jimmy Century new twin song releases “Blackout” and “Lips on Mine”. Like a Short Film but better 🙂 ? in-Home Studio only on FOJCtv Come hang with us on our FB pages and let us know what you think: […]