Get Hard best Will Ferrell movies with music by Fans of Jimmy Century

Fans of Jimmy Century song “Delicate Fever” is featured in Get Hard from Warner Bros. starring Will Ferrell, Kevin Hart, and T.I. The movie comes out March 27th. Google to grab passes for an advanced screening in Las Vegas on March 24th. Passes are limited. Grab the song “Delicate Fever” off soundcloud for free – […]

The Whisper Challenge! With Anti Valentines Day Free Music Download

The Whisper Challenge with Anti Valentines Day Free Music Download Link to Fans of Jimmy Century’s “Lips on Mine”: The Best Whisper Challenge Ever! 🙂 Re-creating The Whisper Challenge game as seen on Jimmy Fallon and top YouTuber channels with an FOJCtv spin for Valentine’s Day. Get your download of “Lips On Mine” to […]