The Babymakers Series Episode 4

The Babymakers Series Episode 4

Let’s just crash into your Wednesday like another mack truck with…

>>> Part 4 of the Babymakers series teasers “Enter The Stud!” >>>

in this episode HunterST & Tigra Girl welcome their new stud and the amateurs throw even more fits than usual. apologies in advance for the grand larceny of your next 5 minutes. lying down afterward will replenish the lost brain cells. thxxx for mind melting w us & give it up 4 BuddhaThom!

>>> “Music from The Babymakers Series” EP <<< from Fans of Jimmy Century dripdrops May 2019. it’s a Spring Thing!

***thx as always to the writers of Friends & Hunter S Thompson for some dialogue inspo!

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